Chicken tikka masala
24, Apr 2024
The Curry and Ketchup Story From Oslo to India

The store shelves have different foods mixed together. You might see curry ketchup, which mixes Indian and other flavors. But what about a whole restaurant doing the same thing? That’s Curry and Ketchup a restaurant in Oslo that loves mixing cultures and trying new flavors. It started small but got…

Biryani og Raita
24, Apr 2024
Experience authentic Indian flavors at Curry and Ketchup, Oslo.

Explore Authentic Indian Cuisine at Curry and Ketchup, an Indian restaurant in the heart of Oslo, Norway. With its diverse menu and welcoming atmosphere, Curry and Ketchup has become a top choice for those seeking a taste of India in Scandinavia. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind their…